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CEMACEMAS is a 2D animated feature film, it is a family and fantasy story. In pre-production. Adapted from Taiwan’s indigenous mythology. The story describes how an indigenous girl becomes a sorceress to save her tribe that was invaded by Raiders.



The tribal princess SAMI has been trying hard to become a sorceress. At the same time, SAMI's tribe faces a shortage of food due to the rise of the Raiders, and only the Mythical Millet can help. To prove herself, SAMI decides to find the Mythical Millet by herself. Fortunately, SAMI gets the help of the legendary sorceress AKAY and passes the test from the God of Agriculture. However, when SAMI brings the Millet home and happily announces herself a true sorceress, she finds her childhood friend CAMOK has betrayed her...

The Meaning of CEMACEMAS

The indigenous in Taiwan call the soul CEMA. They believe that good CEMA resides in one hand and bad CEMA resides in the other.

While the gods have only good CEMAs and the corrupted have only bad CEMAs, humans have both good and bad CEMAs and struggle with making the right decisions. Therefore, a person can be good or bad just based on a simple thought. 



CEMACEMAS is adaptation from From Curse of the gods
by Ljavuras kadrangia


Now we focus to develop the animated film Cemacemas, along with comics, illustrations, short films, music, toys, ect… are all part of the series related to this film.

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