The Curse of the Gods

To save the tribe from the invasions of the aligns, the sorceress found the legendary millet. However, a greedy person in the tribe stole the millet and trade it with the aligns for his own good…

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The Ministry of Culture in Taiwan.



Long ago on the land of Taiwan, a young girl in the tribe called Samilikan works hard every day and wants to be a sorceress.

Her tribe is suffering from the invasion of alien clans and an unprecedented food shortage and urgently needs the magical millet. According to the legend, only the qualified sorceress could find this millet.

To Samilikan, becoming a sorceress is impossible. Facing the sacrifice of her mother, Samilikan's soul becomes maturer.

With the help of her allies, Samilikan finally brings the magical millet back to the tribe.However, other greedy people want to steal the millet and collaborate with the aliens.

Nevertheless, the greedy people violate the taboos of the magical millet, causing the whole world to be swallowed by food. In the end, Samilikan sacrifices herself in exchange for the forgiveness from the gods.

Unfortunately, the tribe that lost the millet is still occupied by the aliens.

Pitcture Book


Our team combines Taiwanese Indigenous sorceress culture and local development history to create this inspiring animation. The title of this animation means "The Gods" in the language of Paiwan, one of the Taiwanese indigenous groups. The idea comes from an aboriginal legend, "The Curse of the Gods"