The Curse of the Gods

In order to save her tribe from
brutal aliens and devastating
hunger, a Taiwanese indigenous
a girl embarks on a magical
quest with her friend and
the help of a legendary sorceress.
But, a greedy person in the
tribe stole the millet...



In a time of superstition and magic. A little indigenous girl called Samilikan keeps training hard to become a witch every day. At this time, the terrible Aliens also persecuted the tribe, so they needed witches to find the magic millet. To prove herself, Samilikan left the tribe in secret. In danger, she gets the help of the legendary witch Akay. Under Akay's teaching, her mind grew into a witch and brought the magic millet back to the tribe.
She also gets the respect of the tribe's people. However, greedy people want to steal magic millet to exchange with Aliens for their interests. But it also broke the rules of magical millet and led to irreparable consequences.




Cemas is the name of the spirits from the indigenous people of Taiwan.
They believe that good souls
reside in the right hand of a
human being while bad souls
reside in their left hand.
CEMAS is also how the sorceress gain insight into the energy of nature.

Pitcture Book


CEMACEMAS is adaptation from From Curse of the gods
by Ljavuras kadrangia